The Importance of Measurements. A Story of Online Ordering.

Does the phrase 4×4 mean anything to you? How about 500sq ft? These might as well be French to me! (In case you were wondering, I only know two words in French ‘hello’ and ‘chicken’)

I want to express to everyone how important it is that you understand measurements. Please learn from my mistake.

Would you like to know what is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in my living room is? A rug.

(Yes, there’s lots of dog and cat hair on it. Deal with it.)

This rug is beautiful, from the pattern, to the coloring, to how good it feels on my bare feet. I ordered it from It was pricey but I wanted a rug to make the hardwood floors more cozy.

I paid $75 plus shipping and handling (it was even on sale). I counted down the days till my glorious threaded treasure would arrive.

When it finally did, I was outraged. It was the size of a bathmat! I called the company and told them they sent me the wrong rug.

I relooked at the order and saw it said, “2×3” This still meant nothing to me. I mean how could something $75 be that small!

That’s when I learned, I now have the World’s Most Expensive Bathmat.

(I may pitch it as tourist attraction in Brooklyn.)

Moral of the story, learn your measurements before ordering online.

-Mikayla Olivia Orrson