Life’s Short, Have a Picnic.

Someone I respected at work recently quit. His reason was because he wanted to enjoy the spring. I thought it was a nice sentiment but not possible for me to do. I work six days a week with a sprinkle of doubles mixed in. I don’t have time to enjoy the spring… Or at least that’s what I thought.

I got a text from a charming gal to go for a picnic with her and her roommate. I knew her fairly well from work but not incredibly well. Then I thought, why not!

I can’t even begin to express to you, how fantastic the day was! The three of us joked, snacked, chatted, like old friends. We were in McCaren park in the beautiful sunshine with cheeses and meats like classy chicks. I felt genuinely happy.

The moral of the story is: life is short and spring is even shorter. Go to the park. Eat the cheese. Take silly pictures. Drink the happy hour wine. Get the sunburn. Live ya life, darlin’.

Thanks, Shannon and Julia. You ladies got me to stop and smell the flowers (and pose by them too!)

-Mikayla Olivia Orrson