Godmother To Be

Tomorrow morning I get the honor of becoming a Godmother (a role I’m taking very seriously.) My sister, Marina, is the proud momma bear to Jonas Fritz Martino. I don’t care if I sound bias, Jonas is the coolest.

Being an auntie has been a huge joy in my life. My sister sends me daily updates of Jonas and it brightens my day. I feel like she always sends them at the best time. I’ll be having a terrible time at work, getting yelled at my guests and the kitchen. But, I open my phone and see this sweet boy!

(Clearly, he’s an avid reader.)

I want to take a moment to say my promise to Jonas as his Godmother.

Jonas Fritz,

I loved ya from day one. I promise to be your support, your friend, and a role model. I promise to be there for your milestones. I promise to send cheesy birthday cards. I promise to love you unconditionally, even when you’re a bratty teen. I promise to have endless inside jokes. I promise to distill all the Jones family knowledge I can. I love you.

-Godmother Rogi

Here’s to you, Jonas! I can’t wait for all our adventures to come.

-Mikayla Olivia Orrson