The Story of How a Ball Pit Was The Most Stressful Thing of My Life

Just to start off, here’s a picture from said ball pit.

My friend, Joe, and I were at an event called Rose Mansion. It’s basically an Instagramable event, we go as a goofy way to have fun. So my goal in this ball pit was to look like this…

But I looked more like this.

Relooking at these pictures on the train got me thinking. It had me thinking about the sensation of sinking and feeling trapped. The second you were in the ball pit, it literally sucks you into it’s hot, sweaty grips and I felt terrible. It reminded me of how life sometimes sucks me into it’s hot, sweaty grip too. But you know what saved me in both the sense of life and the ball pit? Friends. Joe didn’t hesitate to reach out a hand and help me out (he only laughed a little.) I also know that in life he would be right there to scoop me up when life turns into a ball pit.

It’s easy to feel trapped and want to just give up and accept your fate as being stuck in the bottom of the ball pit. It’s the hardest to stand up alone. But, it’s doable to get out of the ball pit when you ask for help. So, reach out your hand, ask for help, and get out of the dang ball pit!

Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to ask for help. And if you’re having trouble finding someone, find me, I’ll be right there. (Also, there’s a reason there aren’t many adult ball pits, they are awful.)

-Mikayla Olivia Orrson

A Love Letter to All My Co-Workers (Past and Present)

There’s something magic and tragic about coworkers. You spend 40 hours a week with them. You form these intense bonds. And then life steps in and before you know it, you’re practically strangers again.

It’s the most pure relationship out there because (for the most part) the reason your friendship ends isn’t because of anything malicious, it’s just life. It’s like the most mutual breakup.

Co-workers see you through your day to day life. They listen to you complain about your dating life, or when you tell funny stories about what your cat did that morning.

They take you out for drinks to commiserate and celebrate.

They make your annoying work life, bearable (and fun sometimes.) We all have that work friend (or friends) that we get excited to see on the schedule.

Moral of the story: Here’s to work friends! Here’s to the laughs, tears, drama, drinks, and love! I love you all from past to present. If you’re an old coworker of mine, feel free to hit me up, let’s grab a beer and reconnect. If you’re not a former coworker of mine, I suggest you reach out to your old work friends. Make the connection, it’s worth it.

-Mikayla Olivia Orrson