11 Days of Showing My Makeup Remover Towelettes And What I Learned

There’s my face in all it’s glory! I first started this project as a message about inner-beauty, yada yada. But, I learned way more interesting things about myself!

Here are my revelations:

1. I can clearly tell by looking at each picture which days I had work vs my off days. Can you tell?

At work, I wear vibrant lipstick colors and lots of mascara. On my days off, I do minimal makeup.

Not too interesting, right? Wrong! It put me in a tailspin of overthinking about make up at work.

I want to believe I put makeup on for work because I want to ‘put my best face forward.’ But, even that doesn’t sit right with me. Why? Because my ‘best face’ is my real face. So, why am I putting on this mask to work? I think to find that answer I need to do some more deep inner diving.

Which leads me to the bigger point:

2. Do you see the yellowish color on the towelette? That’s my foundation. Seeing how much I put on was really eye opening to me.

My skin is my biggest insecurity. I constantly obsess over pimples, red marks, and even my freckles (most I’ve had since I was a child).

In college, I was at a seminar with the entire student body. In which, the owner/founder of the school pointed me out in the crowd and said that I would be beautiful if I knew how to take care of my skin. That moment was devastating, I was humiliated. And that insecurity only worsened and developed into a unhealthy relationship with my skin.

I don’t leave my house without foundation. I don’t even like being alone in my house without foundation in case I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror!

What can I take away from this experience? Tons.

I’m going to set a challenge for myself and since I’m blogging about it, I have to actually come through. (Feel free to hold me accountable.)

The Challenge

One week of minimal to no makeup. On work days, I will do bare minimal (light foundation and mascara.) And on my off days, I will wear absolutely no makeup.

I know this isn’t a huge challenge for a lot of women, but it is to me. And it’s not the size of the challenge, its that you’re willing to be challenged.

Moral of The Story: We all have insecurities with our bodies, but it’s the little steps towards self acceptance that make the difference!

-Mikayla Olivia Orrson

Support Your Artist Friends

You’ve probably seen this public service announcement before. Most likely on someone’s Facebook repost. I wanted to take time to say how important it is to support your friend’s dreams.

Most people don’t hesitate to buy reprints of art from Target, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls. But why do that when you can buy unique art that supports your friends?

An average Broadway ticket costs about $120 or more. Guess what? Community theatre costs $20. Think of all the people you actually know that you could support with that money.

Also, the friends you support will remember that. They will feel grateful and when the times come, they will support you too.

Supporting each other is how we build a nurturing community.

Here are some of my amazing friends I support.

Artwork by Alexandra Hartford

I commissioned her to do all the artwork for my website and social media. Check out her whimsical pieces!

Taryn Tanaka wrote this book when we we’re Junior High students! Yes, she wrote a book when we were so young and now she’s got a beautiful collection of stories. Taryn is currently working as a news producer in Baltimore, Maryland. She is incredibly talented.

‘Blonde Amy‘ is an amazing short film by my friend, Genaro Dominguez. It’s streaming on Amazon Prime! Go check it out!

Broghanne Jessamine isn’t just my best friend, she is also my business partner. She is a fantastically talented actor and I highly suggest you see her work.

Linda Garcia is a cocktail queen! She works at a bar called Tooker Alley in Brooklyn but she also does pop-up event throughout the city. She’s got a killer palate and gives the best (and most honest) advice.

The Narcotix, ‘an Afro psychedelic percussive affair.’ I just went to their first show this week to support my friend, Adam. The band blew my mind and gave me chills.

There’s so many others I want to mention but that’s a good start! I plan on doing more posts about supporting small businesses and artistic pursuits. Stay tuned! And please feel free to suggest anyone you’d like me to feature!

Moral of the Story: Support your friend’s dream.

-Mikayla Olivia Orrson